About Joe

i am

a skilled design thinker with four years of design experience. I’m eager, skilled, and bring fresh one-of-a-kind ideas to tough problems. I use my empathy for others and ability to listen to the data to make actionable recommendations and create impactful designs.

a californian

I live in North Carolina, but I’ll always be a Californian. My thoughts are with everyone affected by the devastation of current events.

Master of HCI & Design

Being an Anteater “ZOT ZOT ZOT” at UCI as an undergrad was one of my fondest memories; that’s why I went back! I completed both my Master of Human-Computer Interaction & Design and my Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at the Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Science, graduating in Sept of 2019 and 2015 respectively.


Creativity is a must in any field. But, at FedEx Office, I took it a step further by increasing my responsibilities, in a non-design role, and using design thinking to develop and deliver custom board game experiences, improving employee engagement and district metrics.


Empathy is critical to successful human-centered design. As a consultant for CellMark Recycling, I listened to the stories of warehouse employees, observed how they worked, and empathized with their struggles. I then led my team in synthesizing our research into critical warehouse workflow improvements.

accessibility minded

As a graphic designer for Disability Rights NC, I have adopted new skills and become vigilant in making accessibility a priority on all of my projects. 

on the market

I am actively exploring UX Design and product design roles. While I am comfortable working remotely, I look forward to transitioning to an on-site position once COVID-19 is no longer a factor.

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